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Land Property Consultancy

We have land related solutions for developers which include enabling joint developments and other well organized structures on land deals. Land deals can be organized as Joint Ventures for numerous particular purposes. Lands can be created for plotting and development of advance properties for business, residential, income generation etc. Confin assist in selling land plots, grounds, sites and vacant land for recreational and agricultural purposes, industrial, warehousing.

Along with this we also help in land (vacant) leasing for truck parking, container storage purpose and Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) plants. Land for Industries with proper transformations and drafting as required are organized by Confin in rural and semi metropolitan zones for Industrial use, agricultural and different purposes and inexhaustible power. Land is obtained in sections of land and hectares.


Land is the essential crude material in Real Estate and we overcome any gap between Landowners, Investors, Buyers, Corporates, and Developers. We help in assessing the best utilization of land allocates and monetizing adapting the best estimation of that land.

Our customers leverage on our professional expertise which is in:

  • We do Land recognizing, sourcing and obtainment.
  • FSI rules and accomplishing the similar, viability, conversion and approvals from DTCP etc,
  • Property assessment for the particular reason,
  • Financial steadiness and negotiation,
  • Taking care of local issues
  • Due ingenuity – legal, business, technical, and statutory necessities,
  • Cooperation & document paper.
  • Providing sales as well as marketing support.

Confin Private Limited permit outright land sale, scattered land purchases from farmers and agriculturists, as an aggregator, land exchanges and more. In addition to this, Confin Private Limited also assist in renting land on the basis of short and long term for schools, parking facilities, gaming and sports zones, etc.

For the investors, we have solutions of land which include identification of a land & identification of the best partner use and understanding the best returns from the property over a period of time and adding value before eventual time bound exits thereby realizing the best returns for a financial investor.

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