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Loan & Finance Services:

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Home purchase loan – It is the most common type of home loan. All banks and housing finance companies offer loan for residential properties at different rates coupled with discounts and rebates. It can be availed for both resale properties and builder allocated units.

Land/Plot loan – Banks offer such type of loan to buyers intending to purchase land parcels for constructing their residential units. About 70 percent of the total cost of the land can be availed.

Construction loan – Most common type of home loan availed by a major share of semi-urban population to build a home meeting their requirements on a land parcel you already own. All housing finance companies and banks provide home construction loan.

Home extension/improvement loan – You can also avail loan for any sort of extension or improvement in your house, be it a new room or a new floor. The housing finance companies and banks offer loan for home improvement/renovation purposes such as painting, plumbing, electrical system, interior designing and waterproofing.

Home conversion loan – Such home loan is taken by people who have bought a house on a home loan but would now intend to buy and move to new house. With these loans, applicants can fund the purchase of the new house by shifting the running loan to the new unit.

Balance transfer loan – It can be availed when an applicant wishes to transfer home loan from one bank to another. It is usually adopted to repay the remaining amount at lower interest rates.

NRI home loan – It is designed for NRIs who wish to construct or buy a home in India.

Taking home loan on a fixed interest rate implies that your EMI will not be impacted during the loan tenure irrespective of any market conditions. The interest rate will be pre-determined and remain unchanged. On the flip side, home loan EMIs vary periodically over the loan tenure, if taken on floating interest rate.

There are some hidden charges applicable while opting for a home loan.

  • Conversion Fees
  • MODT Charges (Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deed)
  • Document Retrieval Charges
  • Administrative Charges
  • Legal Fees
  • Valuation Fees / Inspection Fees
  • Documentation Charges
  • Switching Loan Package
  • Changing Loan Tenure
  • Statement of Account

The process of getting a home loan is simple. But you need to be aware of all documents required before applying for the loan.

  • Fill loan application form with all required documents
  • Pay processing fee
  • Discussion with the bank
  • Valuation of the submitted documents
  • Loan approval process
  • Processing of the offer letter
  • Legal check
  • Final loan deal, signing the agreement, and disbursal
Processing fee charged while applying for home loan varies from bank to bank. Typically, the processing fee is about 0.5 percent to 1 percent of the loan amount + applicable Service Tax and Surcharge. The maximum processing fee ranges between Rs 10,000-15,000 excluding applicable taxes.

Some steps to calculate your home loan eligibility are:

  • To calculate the income level, banks will investigate your salary slips and bank statements.
  • Next, it calculates the amount saved assuming that 30% of your savings is from your INCOME.
  • If there are existing loans, the EMI is reduced from the income level.
  • According to the income level and savings, the bank calculates a home loan amount.

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